Cozy in Flannel

So I think we can all agree that this winter has been awful and it’s time to move on and be nice out already! Right? But, in the meantime, we have some cozy flannel goodness to share with you – while you still need it!

First up is the Wiksten Tova. A quick Google image search of Wiksten Tova will give you inspiration for days! It’s a very popular pattern, and now we know why. The pattern can be made as a top or a dress and comes with three sizes in the package (either XS/S/M or M/L/XL). It’s considered an intermediate pattern, but don’t let that scare you off. It may have several new techniques you aren’t familiar with, but the pattern is very well written and will walk you through it all. At some point we all have to cast off that ‘beginner’ title and jump in to a new challenge.

Connie’s Tova is made from Mammoth Flannel by Robert Kaufman. It is 44″ wide, yarn dyed woven flannel, 100% cotton and sells for $11.69 per yard. We are a bit obsessed with this fabric. It is insanely soft and is a heavier than average weight for flannel. Connie says that wearing this dress feels like you’re wearing your pajamas! Doesn’t get better than that.

Next up is the Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns. Unlike Connie, sewing clothes is not my all time favorite thing to do. I don’t care for fiddly details or following lots of directions. So for me to say I enjoyed making this is saying a lot. I think the fit of the final product is what won me over. This dress has an actual shape to it – with darts at the bust and the back and an invisibile zipper. Oh man – the “Z” word! Do not fear the zipper! Zipper installation is not a complicated step. I wish I could spend everyday teaching people how NOT scary zippers are. Without a zipper this dress could never have the shape and fit that it does – I would be basically left with a moomoo. At some point we all have to realize that without learning zippers, and shaping, and all those other techniques that take clothes to the next level, we’ll all be walking around in moomoos. Moomoos with awesome fabric, but moomoos just the same. There is a time and a place for simple garments that don’t require a lot of detail – the Wiksten Tank for example, or an elastic waist skirt. And then there is a time to jump in and try the next step. For me, this was my next step. And I’m so glad I did it.

My Laurel dress was made with Brannock Patek Basics plaid from Moda. It is 44″ wide, 100% cotton and sells for $10.99 per yard. This flannel is definitely lighter weight than the Mammoth Flannel, but is more appropriate for this pattern.

We both loved the patterns we tried and are ready to sew them again in something a bit more summery! Watch for ou Tova/Laurel take 2 post (hopefully) soon.

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