Modern Textiles T-Shirt Re-Do

Okay, so you pulled out the boxes of cold weather clothes and they are less than exciting, right? Our latest project is perfect for refreshing your fall & winter wardrobe with some fun fabric! It’s really simple and super quick.

Find detailed instructions, illustrations and a pattern for the pocket for free right here.

Choosing your t-shirt and coordinating fabric will probably take longer than it will to do the whole project! Choose a shirt that fits or is even a little large for you. If you are purchasing a new shirt be sure to wash it before you start the project. It will take about 3/4 yard for an adult t-shirt and only about a fat quarter for a kid’s shirt (up to about a size 8.) Be sure to prewash the fabric as well. Measure and cut the back of the shirt out carefully to make sure its as straight as possible. (Check the PDF for more details on how to do this.) Before cutting the fabric for the back panel, put in any pleats or gathers you might want in the back of the shirt. Sew across the back of the shirt to insert the new fabric panel, then sew down each side.

To finish the the shirt tail hem you can free hand a curve or just find a similar shaped shirt in your closet and copy the curve. Be sure to add 5/8″ to the length for the hem.

The pocket is a great way to add a fun pop of color to the front of the shirt. A pattern is included in the tutorial to make it quick and easy for you (decrease the size of the pocket slightly for kids version).

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