Pattern Drafting Class – Megan Yeats

Have you met Megan?

She’s the brains, talent and workforce behind Her Bunnies Three. We love the beautiful dolls or ‘sweeties’ she creates (my own kiddos each have one and they are in love with them! We also have two in the kid area at the shop and they are very much enjoyed there as well!).

Megan is an amazing artist, wife and mom to three awesome kids and just a really sweet person. I sat down with Megan yesterday for a bit. Here’s some of the stuff we chatted about.

What inspired you to start sewing?

I started out sewing clothes for my kids. I have long skinny kids that never seem to fit into clothes off the rack. I was also looking for ways to reuse pieces of clothing that I loved and couldn’t part with – a favorite shirt of mine, or a t-shirt of my husband’s from when we were dating. I figured out ways to make them into usable pieces for my kids to wear so that I could still enjoy them and so their clothes actually fit! And from there it just expanded. I love to reuse vintage sheets or other second hand finds and make it usable again.

I don’t use a lot of patterns in most of my sewing. I like to start with something I already own that I love and know that it fits and just make patterns from that. Same thing with sewing for my kids. Patterning a pair of simple elastic waist pants is really easy and a fun way to add cute details and extra touches that are unique. It’s a great way for your kids to love thier clothes too! Add a pocket or knee patches from a favorite old t-shirt that got stained or baby things they outgrew. Make it special for them.

Tell everyone about your class on Saturday!

I’m really excited to help other parents not be afraid to try making their kids clothes. It’s a great way to reuse clothes and fabric and save a little money! We’ll walk through how to make a pattern from the items you bring in and work on sewing it up. I love to experiment and problem solve so bring your questions and concerns and we’ll figure it out together. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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