Plus Sign Quilt Pattern

You may have seen a few pictures of this cute mini-quilt on social media – so today I’m going to release the free pattern and go over how easy it is to sew. So here we go, the Plus Sign Quilt….

I’m not even a floral person, and I’m loving how these roses look!

Sew you wanna know how much time it’s going to take?

About 2 hours for the quilt top, plus the amount of time you’d like to put in for quilting and binding.

I decided to just follow the outline of the Crosses, I like how the back looks with the symmetry as well.

Finished Size: 43″ x 43″

This is a great wall hanging for all year round, and can easily use up some of your stash!

I think this will hang in the guest bedroom for the longterm – makes for a cheap and easy headboard.

Tips to avoid the dreaded seam ripper:

-Precut all the required pieces, so when you sit down to the machine you can just sew until you drop!

-Make sure that the blocks are the same size, so you don’t end up with a misshapen quilt at the end.

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