Strip Quilt: Free Tutorial

This has become an incredibly popular quilt in the shop, so we thought we’d put a free tutorial together for you. Our sweet friend Deb Richman shared her technique with us and made us this beautiful sample for the shop.

This quilt is so fast and requires almost no thinking! Deb encouraged us to tear the strips instead of cut them. It goes so fast and boy is ripping fabric therapeutic. But if you can’t bring yourself to rip the fabric, you can cut it. The key to getting a great composition is to be RANDOM. Don’t think, just close your eyes and grab a strip! Trust us, it really does work better that way. And, if you do what Deb says and rib and be random, you can have a quilt top done in less than two hours. No joke!

Ready to give it a try? Here’s some combos we put together to get you started.

A special thanks to our amazing employee Lisa! She made the floral Strip Quilt at the top using our super snuggly wool batting and Anna Maria Horner’s newest collection Pretty Potent.

Find the Free Strip Quilt Instructions here

Also, our awesome customer Laura made a California King size strip quilt and blogged about it. You should check it out!

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