Washi Dress Class

We recently finished up our first Washi Dress class! It was a two part class taught by the amzing Jean Sando. The Washi Dress holds a special place in our hearts. Remember this one? It’s been a year since Connie made the taxi cab washi. It’s traveled far and wide with us. The best memory was when she wore it to Quilt Market last fall and we met the designer – Rae Hoekstra!

Connie and Rae at Fall Quilt Market

Had to take a little break after that so Connie didn’t hyperventilate!

Anyway, the Washi Dress has been wildly popular online. Aquick Google Images search will give you thousands of dresses to peruse. This is one of my favorite things to do before I sew a pattern – google search the pattern and then comb through all the body shapes until I find someone that looks like me. This can hopefully give you a good idea of what it might look like on your own special body. The awesome thing about the Washi is that it can look great on every body type! Especially with the help of Jean in our Washi class, this dress can flatter every figure.

Jean says one of the things she likes about this pattern is that it has three different sleeve options and can be made as a dress or a tunic so its easy to personalize it. Jean has added a self-lining step to the dress in our class and also helps make adjustments to the pattern so it fits perfectly! If you are a C cup or larger this will be extremely helpful. The class also guides you through adding darts and using elastic thread for shirring the back.

Have you met Laura? She is a great friend of ours and works part-time at the shop!

Laura took our class and loved it! This was her first time sewing garments, so she was especially thankful for Jean’s help through each step of the process. Her washi turned out beautiful!

Laura chose a subtle grey print for her Washi.

No need to feel self-concious about your body! Over and over we’ve heard our students say how amazing Jean is at making everyone feel great in their own skin. Everyone has their own special shape – with their own set of assets and challenges – and Jean does a great job of balancing these things.

Our next class starts on Tuesday, May 20th at 6pm (this is a two part class, second class meets Tuesday May 27th at 6pm). There is still time to snag a spot! Check out the class listing here. Hope to see you there!

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